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    Inconspicuous Comedy Happy Hour(s) @ Urban House

    Urban House

    man 30 nov 2020 19:00

    A night of English comedy and entertainment with some of Denmark's best spontaneous comedy performers.

    In this collaboration with Urban House we invite you to join us as dynamic sets and full characters are developed in front of your eyes. Performers will take the stage to create magic, comedy, drama, perhaps even music, in front of your eyes.

    Included in your ticket is a choice of:

    • Carsberg Draft
    • Long drink
    • Bottled beer
    • Soft Drink

     Tickets are limited and Covid-19 restrictions are in place to ensure comfort and safety for all.

    • The stage at Urban House is in a large room with a capacity for 150 people in regular time, 75 in current time, and we've limited tickets to half that.


    • Face masks must be worn when standing and moving around the venue
    • There is hand sanitizer available on every table
    • The venue is cleaned before and after each show

    Shows start at 19:00 sharp

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