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    BOPS - FR // PÅTaget


    ons 22 sep 2021 21:00

    Were pleased to welcome french BOPS, a sweet and delicious mixture of Garage - pop and surfrock to our humble venue, secretively located in the heart of Odense!
    The faces of angels transform terrible children.
    Thanks to a first album with garage-pop accents, the trio stands out and confirms the exuberance of their music live.
    A series of European concerts, and the making of a 40-minute clip, BOPS is now returning to the studio with equally ambitious projects.
    The influences of the past are tamed (Kinks, Supergrass), the group now embraces an ingenious and resolutely personal vision of pop.
    Joined on stage by a fourth member on keyboard and guitar, BOPS evokes the audacity of BC Camplight, the nonchalance of the Fat White Family and the power of Ty Segall


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