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    Ghost of Men (UK)

    Ghost of Men (UK)

    Bliv fan ?

    The last 4 years have seen Ghosts Of Men play over 150 festival dates and countless UK venues, sign a record deal, release an EP and an Album and then another EP, all in their third pressings, getting airtime on the BBC and Planet Rock, as well as creating 3 cutting edge music videos, and organising their own successful European tour.

    Constantly building their fanbase, Adam and Clegg set out to tear into every show they play, and take their beloved audience with them.

    Sometimes described as a pair of idiots with the combined mental age of 7, sometimes hailed as geniuses of the genre, it’s fair to say these two leave a lasting impression wherever they go.

    “Like a two piece Queens of the Stone Age if Queens of the Stone Age were entirely composed of Morcambe and Wise” – Stuart Turner – BBC Radio


    Beklager, vi har ikke nogen Ghost of Men (UK) billetter på sale i øjeblikket.