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    Kira Martini

    Kira Martini

    Bliv fan ?

    The danish singer Kira Martini, gave one of the best concerts of 2018 in Mejeriet (concert hall). Joining her back then, as well as on this record, she had her amazing band The Martinis, where routine, personality and tasteful musicianship lives as triplets.

    A lot of people say they don′t like labels on music. Kira Martini sings away all those labels. She seems at home, and very authentic, in both jazz standards, pop, soul & latin american. On ”Warm Valley”; very versatile songs comes together as a fine unity: the titeltrack; a rendition of Ellington′s Warm Valley, Dylan′s ”Don′t Think Twice, It′s Alright”, the beautiful ”Those Who Were” from Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Bobby Charles Louisiana-ballad ”I Must Be In A Good Place Now”, och ”Asa Branca” written by the old brasilian icon Luiz Gonzaga.

    The singing is fantastic. I′m not wise enough to figure out how she does it, but Kira Martini succeeds in fulfulling all aspects. Her understanding of the lyrics goes deep, and she sings without unessesary ornament and manners, direct and natural, and with a feeling and presence, that touches you immediately.

    And then, also a grand plus, is the two mature veterans in the band: Elith Nulle Nykjær with his delicious clarinet-vibrato à la Sidney Bechet, and the soulful trombone-player, Ole Fessor Lindgreen.

    Kira Martini visits Lund, Sweden, with her Organ Quintet, in the start of november for the festival, Grand Soul & Jazz.

    (ALEXANDER AGRELL; SYDSVENSKAN, review 4/5 stars )


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